Thursday, March 10, 2011

strange days

Today is March 10, 2011.

I'm in class: healthy sexuality. A crew of lesbians/queers/asexuals are teaching the class about the many facets of sexual identity.

Google it! Haaa!

Learn something new everyday right??

Its so windy today,the sun isn't as sincere as it first seemed.

Can't stop listening to Brandon Flowers new solo album. Guy's lyrics are fire!!!

Back to class for a second, just met a pan-sexual, google that too!

The thing that is really bothering me is the bitter truth that the girl beside me failed to brush her teeth this morning undoubtedly, as her breathe is unfortunate to say the least.. I don't wanna talk about it anymore... :|

Talk about a turn off, mannnn.

Broad needs colgate max bad!

Get it togetherr...

You ever bite your cheeks to keep yourself from bursting out laughing? I do.

Guy beside me keeps lookin over, wonders wtf I could be texting so much about! Hahaa.

Funny when speakers say UHMMMMM in between lines to leave room for a laugh from the audience, milk it budday.

Went 7 for 8 over under for sportsaction, came down to la kings dallas... Final game.. $170 payout from a toonie investment..andd it was 2-1 goin into the third, so I needed it to stay under 5.5 goals( 6 goals would send the game OVER) annnd 5 mins into the third 3 goals are scored to send the total past 5.5.... A shorthanded breakaway was the dagger. Haaa fml. That WOULD happen.

Don't forget to tell the people you care about that you care about them

Strange days


Mr. Henderson

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  1. hahahah really enjoyed this post. have definitely had to bite my cheeks to keep from laughing in inappropriate situations before!